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barra bike

We love bikers!

In recent years, the use of the bicycle has increasingly spread not only as a sporting or relaxing activity but also as a means of exploring the territory.

In fact, the two wheels, especially in the off-road version, allow you to know relatively close areas in a new way, favoring a more immediate contact with nature, without the stress of driving and the worry of parking to be found.

Perhaps the most important ecological awareness of recent times must be the reason for the bicycle boom: it does not pollute, makes no noise, does not consume fuel, does not clog the roads and, in addition to improving the physical condition of those who use it, allows contact with nature.

This is why the Locanda del Molino Vecchio has always promoted cycling holidays.

We believe that our territory is one of the most congenial for this type of activity: itineraries for every need and ability intersect, both on the plain following the green loops of the river Tanaro, and climbing the gentle hills that follow, dotted with villages and castles that ooze history, surrounded by vineyards as far as the eye can see, hazel forests and fruit tree cultivations.

From spring to autumn the eye is satisfied by a rainbow of unique colors, an ever-changing scenario, smells, vibrant sensations that seem to change at every turn of those winding streets: there is no better way than to use the bicycle as a vehicle of transport to fully enjoy it. A direct contact with nature that has no equal!

Not to mention that the beneficial sporting effort can be combined with a delicious food and wine tour, with strategic stops in cellars and taverns where you can taste the fabulous products of the area.

For this reason, we decided to encourage those who choose to move on two wheels, proposing a juicy 10% discount to groups on bicycles that book the entire structure for at least a week!

Our bikers returning from their tours will find a "flat" arrival home, a garage deposit of their precious "girlfriends" with attached washing area and a small workshop for rapid set-ups, proposals for "ad hoc itineraries", addresses of serious shopkeepers of the sector in the area, all included in the price!