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B&B - Holiday House Langhe - Locanda del Molino Vecchio

Country Holiday House

barra camere


TAMERICE (Tamarisk)

Comfortable for long stays, this is the most spacious room, suitable for hosting a couple with a child. The large bathroom allows you not to “stumble” on each other in the morning, even if you are three people! The old tamarisk, that welcomes the guests of the house at the entrance, bursts into the window and – when it blooms – it matches its pink flowers to the leaf-green of the interior decoration.


Small suite ideal for two couples of friends or even a family of four people: roomy, lofted, it has on the upper loft an intimate night area at your disposal, small living room with very comfortable couch/bed on the lower floor and large bathroom with bathtub. The room is also provided with a small terrace overlooking the garden on the south side where the young oak stands from which it takes its name.

NOCI (Walnuts)

Furnished with the ancient pieces of furniture made out of walnut and indigenous to the house, this rooms makes who lodges here enjoy all the atmosphere of the beginning of last century.

GLICINE (Wisteria)

For the more individualist, a double with two extremely comfortable beds made of wrought iron that remember the tangled twining of the age-old climber, most probably the oldest plant of the house, that dominates the landscape that the broad window of the room frames. Joyful and functional, ideal for couples of friends on vacation.

ACERO (Maple)

This is our tiny room: bright and cozy, it has a small terrace on disposal like all the rooms of the southern wing, ideal for singular stays, with the sober but colorful furniture it fosters interior to relax and focus. For times of lonely introspection.


Without any doubt our most requested room. Intimate and charming, it surprises our guests pleasantly with its big tester bed and the soft colors that remember the magnolia flower itself. It’s the room where the sunset light remains longer, inviting to romantic tète à tète on the small terrace maybe tasting a glass of red wine or a glass of champagne.