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Locanda del Molino vecchio

Only 8 km away from Alba, in the hamlet of Cornale in the historical Roero town of Magliano Alfieri, the "Locanda del Molino Vecchio" is waiting for you: a cosy and welcoming homestead offering six comfortable rooms, it takes its name from the old adjoining mill built in the 1652.

The Locanda was originally the old eighteenth-century cowshed, with overhanging straw storage, where the animals of the owners' family were housed. After a skilful and fine renovation, six bedrooms with private bathrooms on the upper floor, and a large living room with fireplace, entrance/reading room with library, kitchen and bathroom on the lower floor, have been created.

The warm and pleasant atmosphere that pervades the house is immediately transmitted to our visitors who, even for short stays, are immediately induced by the warm hospitality that welcomes them when they arrive.

At your disposal is a large outdoor pool with a solarium, a barbecue area with a large shaded table for eating out, and a bowling area.
The large garden includes a ornamental trees and shrubs and allows relaxing moments immersed in a green oasis. Do not forget the space dedicated to our donkeys, who will be happy for your pampering!

The Locanda is located at the far end of the Tanaro valley, at the foot of the fertile hills of Roero, famous for its wines and its excellent fruit production. The castle of the Alfieri, located in the chief town, up in the hills, dominates the valley along with that of Guarene, like proud sentinels of the Eastern Roero. From the rooms of the Locanda, you can see the Barbaresco Tower and the hills of Neive, the village that is famous for its four wines production and associated history. The entire territory of Langhe and Roero has recently been declared a UNESCO heritage site.

The entrance to the property is located on the path no. 3 of the Paths of Eastern Roero, which in this section runs along the Canale dei Molini of Magliano, which can be travelled by bike or on horseback (nearby is a riding school), and which connects other Roero villages such as Priocca, Castellinaldo, and Canale.

Crossing the Asti-Alba highway and going east towards the river Tanaro, you can have access to a naturalistic oasis where you can watch birds from special huts. From here, going south, you get into a close net of enchanting cycle paths that run along the river until you reach Alba.

In love with these hills from the first time we saw them, we are happy to share with you, information on attractions, historical curiosities, events, cultural and gastronomic events of the territory, proposing bike tours, visits to the winery, tastings with small producers of territory in the Locanda, in order to make your stay unique. We speak your language and we will suggest the places and restaurants that will leave a pleasant memory of your Piedmontese holiday.


The choice of the site for the construction of the Molino, vital structure to ensure the survival of the population that depended on it, and strongly desired by the powerful family of Alfieri, residents of the Castle, was the result of a wise study of the territory that identified the most suitable point for the construction of a complex of such vital importance. For this reason, the mill has survived all the floods of the Tanaro from then to the present day, including the disastrous one of 1994.

Considering the importance of the construction, both for the local historical memories that refer to it (already present on a 17th century map as "Old Mill" of Cornale) and both to be an example of the typical architecture of the past, the main purpose of the renovation project was to recover the building through the introduction of compatible elements in order not to modify the original architecture, thus maintaining the characteristic structure and constitutive elements.

The country residence, surrounded by an agricultural ground of 12000 square meters, has become as it is now in the 1940s immediately after the Second World War. It consisted of the transformation into a house of the seventeenth-century building of the old mill of Magliano Alfieri and the adjacent stable with barn, rustic cellar and large shed used as a warehouse for work tools.

Located in the village of Magliano Alfieri, Cornale hamlet, the house is reachable on the SS 231 Asti-Alba that flanks the river Tanaro on its left side. Here the river flows into a large and fertile valley between the hills of Langhe and Roero: vegetable gardens and orchards grow luxuriant here together with cereal plantations, at the same time a pattern of wooded spots and mixed crops (vineyards, orchards, and hazelnut woods) give a characteristic touch to the surrounding hills.

Considering the great location ( we are only 8km away from Alba) and considering the rising of tourism promoted by the recovered wine and well-eating culture, the owners have tried to change the age-old structure into a family oasis, crossroads for the most different cultures, where feeling at home is a must.